Frequently-Asked-Questions - Finchley Road Studios
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    I am interested in one of your current properties – how do I get in touch?

    Please email us on or call us on (+44) 020 7935 7125

    How often do you advertise new properties?

    Most our current projects are listed on our website. If you require further information, please email us on

    What types of properties do you develop?

    We are mainly involved in residential development, anything from an individual flat, to a whole block for 30-50 flats. We also work on commercial developments!

    Do you develop and advertise properties outside of London?

    No, we focus all our developments in London

    Why should I use the services of Carltone Ltd?

    Our investors are not only clients and partners; they are our esteemed colleagues and in time, treasured friends. At Carltone, we work closely with our clients and partners, offering a professional and personal service. If you are interested in investing in a potentially lucrative development we invite you to contact us.

    Post Graduates

    What bills are included in the price? What extra charges will I incur?

    Water, electricity (& electric heating) and Wi-Fi is included in the monthly rental price.

    Do I need to pay Council Tax?


    How do I pay my rent/fees?

    Payment can be arranged via monthly standing order with your bank or paid in advance by cash or cheque

    Do I need contents insurance?


    Is there access to a garden/outdoors area?

    No, but Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill Park are very closeby

    What happens if I have a maintenance issue/emergency?

    There are emergency contact details displayed in the building, so there will always be someone available in case of emergency.

    Do I need my own TV License?


    Do I need to bring my own furniture? What is provided?

    The rooms are fully furnished but feel free to bring any additional items if you wish

    I live overseas. Do you offer any form of live video/virtual viewings?

    No, but we have a great video tour of some of our rooms and flats – check it out

    Can I book a room without a viewing?

    Of course! Email Amy at or call 07854337718

    Is there car parking space available for me/visitors?

    No, but with underground, over ground stations and bus stops at your doorstep you won’t need a car!

    Do you have any similar properties elsewhere?

    We have other rental properties. For further information please email us at

    I want to live with my friend – can we guarantee a flat together?

    Yes, as long as you register your interest together, we will do our best to accommodate this!

    Can I have guests to stay with me?

    Occasional guests visiting for short periods are allowed to stay. Any long term guests will have to find alternative accommodation.

    Do I need to pay a security deposit?

    Yes, 6 weeks rent is required and registered with MyDeposits for your safety

    Do I need to move out during Christmas/Easter holidays?

    No, the flat is yours for the full period of stay

    I am a post-graduate. I need accommodation during non-term time. Can I live in the same room over Summer?

    Yes, as long as these dates fall within your contracted stay

    Can I smoke on the premises?

    The building is non-smoking

    Can I have pets?

    Unfortunately we don’t allow pets

    Can I decorate/personalise my room?

    Any room changes must be approved by our management company.

    Who is responsible for cleaning my room?

    We have provided cleaning services for communal areas of the building. This does not include the flats or rooms. Please ensure you look after your room and clean it regularly.

    What happens to my mail?

    There are individual mail boxes at the front entrance of the building. You will be given a key for your flats mail box when you check in.

    I am an international post-grad. What else do I need to know?

    The studio/flat will be perfect for you! The units are quiet and great for young adults. You have plenty of local amenities at your door step and are well connected to all transport links. Finchley Road is a great location for anyone coming from abroad!